Get Wet (Jon Robi)  -
Good To The Last Drop  (David Cole)
Be Here (Louie Balo) - Geisha Love (Kenton Nix) - Mr. Right (Louie Balo)
Nothing You Can Do  (Takahashi) -  Singing the Blues (Walter Lee Morris)
You Can’t Have My Dreams (Woo/Worthy) - Nightmare  of a Broken Heart (Woo/Worthy)
Tonite (Basement Boys/Those Guys) - You’ll  Never Know (Jahkey B)
Moms -  Clarice Taylor/Astor Theatre - New York
Apollo, Just Like Magic - George Faison - New York
Good News - Jim Harris - New York
Promises In the Night - George Butcher - New York
 Andy Anselmo/SingersForum NY / Helen Hobbs Jordan- NY / George Butcher-NY
Kodak - Moving On Jeans - Bermuda - 7 Up -
Mogen David  Wine -  Chicago Star Wines
Arista - Atlantic -  Buddah - Plateau - Next Plateau - West End - Oxygen - All Platinum - BMG
(and those are the ones I know about)
Memory of the Future (Eric Anderson )              -  The Best of Norman Connors & Friends
Roberta Flack featuring Donny Hathaway   -  Sax In the Middle of the Night (Robert Aron)
This Is Your Life (Norman Connors)                          -  Para Para (Meldac Records - Japan)
Romantic Journey (Norman Connors)                  -   Para Para 2 (Meldac Records - Japan)
You’ll Never Know (Jahkey B)                                   -  Tonite (Those Guys/Basement Boys)
The Very Best of Roberta Flack                             -  A Song For Hillary (James Stewart, Jr.)
                                                                                  -  All Platinum Gold